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 Finally streaming, Chainsaw Man's first episode showed Denji was worth the wait. With the program, Studio MAPPA has a genuine smash on its hands, and naturally, everyone is looking forward to episode two. The update has now given fans a sneak peek at what's coming, so they can review Chainsaw Man's upcoming film if they'd like.

The first still from Chainsaw Man episode two has been released, and as you can see below, it once again centers on Denji. Based on this, the boy still seems to be coping with the horror of episode one, but Denji might be keeping his feelings under wraps. Naturally, the man won't be caught slacking off when Makima is present.

What to expect from episode 2 

We do not yet know what episode two will contain, but we do know that Chainsaw Man will give it the working title "Arrival in Tokyo". Naturally, readers of manga should be familiar with this name. Since the title is taken directly from Tatsuki Fujimoto's third chapter, readers are aware that several important characters will appear in this chapter.

After all, up to this point, Denji and Pochita have only been presented by Chainsaw Man. Makima has appeared in more scenes than anyone else, and she will soon take on a more significant role in the series. Fans may anticipate the debuts of new characters like Aki when this week's episode airs. Of course, their connections to Makima will increase the series' appeal going forward.

If you need to catch up on Chainsaw Man, you may do so right now on Crunchyroll alone. The first episode is already online, and fresh ones are released every Tuesday to coincide with their Japanese premiere.

What do you think about Chainsaw Man's upcoming episode? Do you now like the anime in the series? Comment below or reach out to me on Twitter to let us know what you think.

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