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Chainsaw Man Episode 3 Preview Released

Chainsaw Man Episode 3 Preview Released

The third episode of the anime Chainsaw Man will air on Tuesday, October 25, and the preview images and video have already been made available. The video is accessible on the MAPPA YouTube channel or the official anime Twitter account

The official website also has a preview gallery you may browse. On October 11, the anime made its debut, and it quickly shot to the top of our weekly rating. With the second episode, it fell to second place.

On Crunchyroll, you can view Chainsaw Man, episode 1, which provides the following plot summary:
Denji, a teenager, shares a home with Pochita, a Chainsaw Devil. Due to the debt his father left behind, he has been living in squalor and helping Pochita harvest devil corpses to pay it off.
Denji is one day deceived and killed. He strikes a bargain with Pochita as his consciousness begins to fade in order to be resurrected as "Chainsaw Man," a man with a devil's heart.

The anime also had its first opening and closing videos, both featuring songs by Kenshi Yonezu and Vaundy (directed by Shingo Yamashita).

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