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Chainsaw Man Poster Brings Makima and Denji Closer Than Ever anime new

 Makima and Denji are closer than ever thanks to the Chainsaw Man Poster.

The 12-volume manga series of the same name by Fujimoto Tatsuki sensei, which was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump from December 2018 to December 2020, is the basis for the anime series Chainsaw Man. The protagonist of the tale is a young boy named Denji who was ready to escape a life of hardship since the yakuza had forced him to settle his late father's debt (criminal organization; its literal translation is good for nothing). Denji's situation worsens when he encounters what he initially thought was a low-level demon dog but who subsequently shown to be the embodiment of one of mankind's deepest fears—the fear of chainsaws.

Finally, Chainsaw Man has launched his anime, and to say that it is a success would be an understatement. Netizens have become captivated with the series after just one episode, and Studio MAPPA's show is expected to live up to the hype. In addition, a unique poster has given fans a fresh look at Makima x Denji while they wait for episode two.

CUT is a Japanese entertainment-focused magazine that provided the artwork. The magazine is featuring Chainsaw Man in its November issue, and as you can see from the cover art, it has Makima and Denji closer than ever.

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Naturally, Denji doesn't mind being close to Makima, and as season one progresses, the two will have plenty of opportunities to get along. Denji has been chosen to serve as a Devil Hunter, and season six has demonstrated the extent of the young man's might. Makima is aware that Chainsaw Man, after joining with Pochita, is just as dangerous to humans as he is to demons.

The first episode centered on Denji's early life before he became Chainsaw Man, but the second episode will continue to develop the world created in Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga. The title of episode two, which will air this week, indicates that Makima will soon accompany Denji to Tokyo. The child is about to see the Devil Hunters headquarters in the city, and manga readers are aware that once the boy comes, Aki will soon be presented to Denji.

What are your initial impressions of Chainsaw Man? How do you find the anime? Comment below or reach out to me on Twitter to let us know what you think.

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