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Toei Animation, S. Korea's CJ ENM Reveal Animated Series 'Crystal'

Crystal, an animated series from South Korea's CJ ENM, is revealed by Toei Animation

At the Asian Contents & Film Market on Saturday, Toei Animation and the Korean production company CJ ENM unveiled their first batch of joint venture projects, which included the upcoming animated series Crystal. A project with the working title Myth Chasers, which will feature both a live-action and animated series, was also revealed by the firms

The corporations refer to the fantasy-adventure-drama animated series Crystal as a "massive universe." It is probably going to debut before the firms' other joint ventures.

The film, provisionally named Myth Chasers, will feature warriors attempting to apprehend goblins intent on causing trouble in the world of humans. The project's animation version won't have a firm release date until 2023, but the live-action version will. The series' working title in Korean is "Sulwha Relics Conservation Division."

On these initiatives, CJ ENM's Blaad Studio is working.

As part of their partnership, the firms also unveiled the live-action fantasy-adventure-drama series Super Girls.

In October 2021, it was revealed that Toei Animation and CJ ENM would collaborate strategically. Toei Animation would turn CJ ENM's intellectual property into animated content, and CJ ENM would turn Toei Animation's into feature films. The Academy Award-winning film Parasite, as well as On the Line and Crash Landing On You, were all produced and released in South Korea by CJ Entertainment.

As Nihon Doga, Toei Animation was established in 1948. In 1956, Toei, a Japanese film production corporation, bought the business and changed its name to Toei Doga, then to Toei Animation. One Piece, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Galaxy Express 999, Panda and the Magic Serpent, and the Precure series are just a few of the popular anime programs that the animation company has created.

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